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Help Bub-O collect flowers for his special lady friend!...

In this action puzzler for the Playdate, blow your bubble to bounce, collect flowers and escape all 45+ levels. Push acorns and avoid the burrs to find secrets and unlockables!


  • D-pad: move Bub-O
  • A: form/shoot bubble
  • B: cancel (empty) bubble
  • Crank: turn bumpers/pistons

Can you help Bub-O win the heart of his beloved?

How to sideload Bub-O Collect onto the Playdate: Panic's official instructions

Playdate screen too small? Highly recommend Playdate Mirror

Download Playdate Simulator to play without a Playdate console


-V2.8 Minor bug fixes

-V2.8 Added levels, boss battle, cut scenes, music, ending, tips section, new animation. Changed moving with bubble, QOL of levels 1-15, crank controls, tightened game loop.

-V1.6 Tweeked all music and SFX to sound better on a Playdate,, added an on screen prompt to use the crank

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorGabe Swarr
GenreAction, Puzzle
Tags1-bit, Cute, maze, Playdate, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Hey! In the level select screen, if you stand at the very bottom, one tile away from the corner blocks, and shoot your ball, it crashes the Playdate.

Thank you! Let me look into that. Expect an incoming update... :D

All taken care of. Thanks again.

Played through the first few levels! I love spotting the secrets. But I missed one on level 8. Is there no way to return or level select?

the only workaround I’ve found is to delete my game data, but that’s frustrating.

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Once you complete all the levels by getting the flowers, you have access to all the levels and can return to get all the secrets. :)

awesome! Thanks for making this neat puzzle game. I collected all the secrets and finished all the levels except for some reason level 47 softlocks me from completing it after multiple times of collecting all of the flowers.

Oh, sorry about that. I heard reports of this happening. I just updated it, so if you try re-sideloading, your save should still work, but the bug should be gone. Please, let me know if you still run into the same problem. Thanks for playing!

yeah no that happened to me too and it doesn't seem to be fixe


so FUN! - cool concept/mechanics - cute sense of humor - art A+  // I would have played 30 more levels ✿


Thanks so much! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it. Maybe some day your dream of more levels will  come true… :)

dreams do come true! can't wait to check out the new version!


Ha! You requested 30 more levels right? 

haha yep! :D

please add credit payment, don’t  have PayPal :(

All set! :D Sorry about that.

Hey, loved the game. I did find a bug though, when I tried to start a new game after I'd finished it I just got stuck on a black screen.

Thanks so much! I’ll look into this. Were you playing on a Playdate? I still haven’t received mine yet, so it might take a while to replicate the bug… :(

Yep, I was playing on the playdate.

When you reloaded the game, did it save your progress? On the tile screen select “continue” and you should be on a screen that accesses every level.  

Yeah, I saw that and it worked. I was trying to reset my progress and start from the start again. I ended up clearing my player data from the settings menu.

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I think I must be missing some sort of obvious mechanic but I can't figure out how to get the bubble past the spikes around the goal in the second level.  Hint?

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Think of yourself as the bubble… :)

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Oh, duh! Thanks! A little awkward at first but that clears it up!

Was this made with Pulp or the Playdate SDK?

No problem! I made this game with Pulp. I’m just starting to learn the SDK… slowly… :)

Thanks! Might be the most impressive Pulp game I've played so far.

Wow! Thanks so much.