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Bub-O Escape is a new 1-bit action puzzle adventure for the Gameboy Color from Gabboco Games. Help Bub-O escape using his bubble blowing power to battle his way through over 40 levels and find out who's behind it all.

"This is the kind of game the world needs more of: something crafted in the twilight between dreams and realities that carries the authenticity of both."

-Jared Petty

This a Gameboy Color ROM* to play in an emulator, or load onto a flash ROM cart and play on any Gameboy Color compatible console.

*physically released by Limited Run Games in 2022.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

bub-o_escape_2.5.gbc 1 MB
bub-o_escape_comic.pdf.zip 1 MB


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gets hard pretty quick, but is nice to play!

Not sure if you made this game with GB studio or not but if you did is there any chance you could create out a .pocket build of the game? That way those of us with an Analogue Pocket can take advantage of the screen filters. Thanks!

Great game, finished the lrg release and loved it.

Thanks so much! So glad you liked it.

I bought theLRG physical but haven't received it in the mail yet. Was wondering though does the physical copy have an actual manual or is it just the comic that comes with the digital ROM?

Also is the version of the game on the physical cart the same version as the digital? Would suck if it was outdated with unfixed bugs.


First, thanks for ordering the physical release! I can’t speak for Limited’s Run’s shipping status, but I can say that, yes, this is the exact manual that comes with the physical release. This is also the same rom with no changes. 

Hello Gabe, any possibility as a buyer of the LRG release to get this digital version aswell?

Sorry, I don't know who bought the LRG release, they won't tell me. DM me :)

Thx. Dropped a DM on Instagram